As we enter 2023, we would like to take a look back at the past year and see what all has been achieved. This past year has been very difficult and challenging for most Ukrainians. While many people went through loss, destruction, and despair, we saw God’s light shine brightly. We saw how obviously He was guiding and blessing us. We saw manifestations of His great loving power. Throughout the nine months of our existence as United by His Love, He continued to bring faithful, sincere, and passionate people into our lives to partner with. And it is thanks to you, our dear friends and donors, that we have been able to accomplish all that we would like to mention here.

So, by the grace of God and His goodness, you and us have been able to:

  • start a ministry that would be meeting the needs of Ukrainians during this time of war by forming a solid team of dedicated and committed people who are willing to serve others 
  • connect with friends whose personal financial support made our work possible  
  • establish partnership with other ministries (ULM, MIM) and active local churches and ministers in different parts of Ukraine, such as Cherkasy, Kharkov, Chernivtsy, Kherson region, Nickopol, Donetsk region and more 
  • participate in the filming to create a documentary about the Church’s response to the war in Ukraine


  • 2 vans for ministries and personal needs
  • trailer for a minister in Kharkov to haul aid to the villages
  • over 22 stoves with installation kits and fire wood
  • 5 chainsaws
  • 3000 sets of thermal underwear
  • 100 pillows and blankets
  • 3000 bottles of dish, hand and wash soap
  • 4 generators
  • candles, flashlights and batteries
  • 1700 children’s kits
  • 700 sets of children’s thermal underwear (in process)
  • 1 water heater for rehab center with refugees


  • Pastor Vitaliy’s ministry ($10000)
  • purchase of a building for community’s use in Lisove village ($3500)
  • start of office rental for our work ($800+, in process)
  • trailer for our ministry’s use ($1350)
  • warehouse rental for pastor Vadim’s ministry ($500 per month)
  • financial aid to a minister who suffered a car accident while hauling aid in Donetsk region ($1000)
  • purchase of photo and video equipment for our media team ($1800+)
  • setting a warm house for children in liberated village of Kherson region to meet in for Bible lessons and playing games
  • one-time financial aid to ministers or individuals

Throughout this time we have been visited by wonderful brothers from the United States, who have brought with them not only financial support, but also their love and encouragement. And as we traveled and visited different people and churches with them, they had an opportunity to connect with these people, meet their needs and speak to them the living and liberating words of the Truth. God has been good and faithful, and as we give Him all the credit and glory, we also want to, on behalf of our Ukrainian partners, express our deep gratitude to our American friends, brothers and sisters, who have set their hearts on sharing with us their gifts and resources. In this new year, may the Lord richly bless your homes and families, bring the answer to your every need and fill you with His perfect peace.

This coming February we are planning on having a conference called “Repairers of Broken Walls” in Cherkasy, central Ukraine, where up to 50 ministers, mostly from war zones, will come together for fellowship, encouragement, worship, sharing their life challenges and making new contacts that would expand their ministry opportunities. Some of our American partners will attend as well, and we pray it would be a time of blessing and renewal for all of us.

We trust that this year the Lord will multiply our resources and opportunities to do His work. And through this, will bring more lost sheep into His Kingdom.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Sincerely, the team of United by His Love. Caring and sharing with you.