What we do

This project connects people who are driven by the love of Jesus and are striving to show God’s awesomeness as we bless others. It started with Russian invasion in Ukraine. As people of this country were struck by destruction, loss and fear, their needs greatly increased. Besides those killed and hurt, thousands were displaced and forced to flee. Many lost their jobs and subsistence.
On the other side of the globe, there was a response from individuals, families, groups of people and churches who chose not to stay away, but share their resources with those in need. To be their brother’s keepers and become channels for God’s amazing love and care.

Now, with the onset of cold weather and the deliberate destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure by Russia, many people find themselves without any facilities or heat. Especially the residents of recently liberated territories.
This urgent need has challenged us to focus our joint efforts on helping Ukrainians survive this winter. So that they can keep warm and cook hot food.
For this purpose, we have begun our “Share warmth” project in which we want to buy wood stoves, thermal underwear, and chainsaws to send to those regions where need is the greatest. Thanks to some of our partners and caring people, some of the money for this has already been raised and the first batches of goods have already been ordered and are getting ready to be shipped!
Our united effort will answer the vital needs of those who are trying to survive in the midst of war.

Our team

Jared & Andrea Yoder

Jared and Andrea Yoder live in Lancaster Pennsylvania with their two boys Maxim and Sergie. Jared was a missionary kid in Ukraine when he was in his early teens. After the Russian invasion he reached out to his friends in Ukraine to check in with them. Their needs were evident and immediate. Jared partnered with the Pronina family and encouraged them to start a ministry connecting those who are serving the refugees in Ukraine with spiritual and financial partners in the America’s.

Jenz & Rachel Yoder

We are Jenz and Rachel Yoder with our sons Kyle and Carl. We live in Amarillo Tx. Currently Jenz is director of operations and is spending much of the winter in the Ukraine helping with the warmth project. Rachel works at our church with the children’s ministry. Kyle and Carl are employed as a plumber and lineman and look forward to helping in the Ukraine.

Yevtushenko’s family

My name is Vitaliy Yevtushenko, I am from central Ukraine. I am married to my wife Oksana and together we are parents to 4 children. We have pastoral ministry and serve as volunteers.

Tony & Ashli Collins

Me and my wife Ashli are parents to four wonderful daughters Ellie 11, Alahna 7, Kaylee 5 and Sawyer Hope 2.

We strive to show the love of Jesus in every aspect of our lives. We both grew up in families that put a emphasis on serving God. My Dad and Mom Tony and Cindy Collins have served in ministry as pastor even before I was born. My Dad is still my Pastor unfortunately my Mom went on to be with Jesus last September. Our family places God first above all else. Ashli is a stay at home Mom and I run a small lawn care business here in East Tennessee.

Gabriel & Hillary Yoder

We live in a small town in the mountains of North Carolina where Gabriel works building and remodeling houses and I stay home educating our four children and caring for our home. In our spare time we like to be outside, work around our house, grilling food, and just be together.

Nate & Rebecca Schlabach

We are Nate and Rebecca. We live in the beautiful mountains of NC. Nate runs a construction company with his brother and does some real estate on the side. Rebecca stays busy homeschooling and keeping the home in addition to a part time tutoring job. We have four wonderful daughters who bring so much joy and energy to our home. We love our church family at The Ark.

Pronin’s family

We are Andrei and Tanya Pronin. Together with our 9 children we live in Uzin, Ukraine. Besides having a small business and taking care of our family, we are privileged to partner with our American friends in helping to meet the needs of Ukrainian people.

Vadim & Larisa Gulenko

My name is Vadim and my wife is Larisa. We live in the city of Cherkassy, Ukraine. I am a pastor of “The Source
of Life” church. Together we have two children.
We do a number of ministries in our church: besides regular services, we hold meetings for the elderly to help and support them and provide them with food. We also run a women’s club, feed people on the street, helping those who are in need and have challenges today. We distribute humanitarian aid to needy people and refugees within Cherkassy, our city. In addition, we travel to many places where hostilities are currently taking place. We bring food, hygiene products, wood stoves, generators and other humanitarian aid that people so badly need right now.

Mission and values

This is my command: Love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12)

We believe that true love is expressed through works. Compassion and willingness to help those in need are fruits of true love. It is the love of Jesus that makes us able to feel and practice love. And it is our joy to be a part of His wonderful work here on earth.

As we understand, a lot of people in the Body of Christ feel moved to share resources that they are given. Many would be willing to make a contribution, but they don’t always know how to reach those who are in need for help. Our hope is that through this partnership we could become a channel God can use to pour out His blessings.

How to participate

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