So, by the grace of God and His goodness, you and us have been able to:

  • start a ministry that would be meeting the needs of Ukrainians during this time of war by forming a solid team of dedicated and committed people who are willing to serve others 
  • connect with friends whose personal financial support made our work possible  
  • establish partnership with other ministries and active local churches and ministers in different parts of Ukraine, such as Cherkasy, Kharkov, Chernivtsy, Kherson region, Nickopol, Donetsk region and more
  • participate in the filming to create a documentary about the Church’s response to the war in Ukraine.


2 vans
for ministries and personal needs

2 trailers
for a ministers to haul aid to the villages

Over 22 stoves
with installation kits and fire wood

A new wearhouse
for the ministry

3000 sets of thermal underwear

100 pillows and blankets

3000 bottles of dish, hand and wash soap

4 generators

Several hundred candles, flashlights and batteries

2300 children’s kits

700 sets of children’s thermal underwear

1 water heater
for rehab center with refugees

5 chainsaws

A house for children
in liberated village to meet in for Bible lessons and playing games