Alexander and Yelena Mordvinov

Alexander and Yelena Mordvinov were born and lived in the city of Donetsk. They have two sons — Aleksander (36 years old) and Gleb (15 years old). From 2000 to 2014 they were members of «The Word of Life» church in Donetsk and served in “The Rock of Salvation” rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicts. In June of 2014 the rehab center was captured by Russian military. At that time their oldest son worked at the police station, with also got captured. Along with their sons family they had to flee from Donetsk, leaving all their property and things they had behind. For some time they stayed in Berdyansk, then moved to Odessa, then to Kiev. Their older sons family stayed in Odessa, and they went on to Spain where they lived for 3,5 years. In 2018 Spain denied them a refuge and they came back to Berdyansk, Ukraine. In 2019 they started minister to people there and established a church where Alexander was a pastor. In 2020 they bought an apartment and all the necessary furniture with the money they brought from Spain. But on February27, 2022 the city of Berdyansk was taken by the Russian army. Staying there was too dangerous for them any longer – first, Alexander was an acting pastor and he was threatened with an arrest and second, their oldest son is presently serving in the Ukrainian army in Odessa. Once again, they left all they had behind and fled through humanitarian corridor, seeing a lot of destruction and killed people on the way out. Now they live in Cherkassy, their younger son is in 8th grade. They are renting a 2-room apartment, Alexander serves as a volunteer. Him and some ministers in their team go all around the country evacuating people, bringing them aid and helping with whatever they can. Their personal needs, disel shortage and price increase are the challenges they face every day. And while their resources are very limited, their hearts are in fire for God and people.