April, 2022 Update

For over two months now Ukraine has been suffering hideous and distructive Russian invasion. Unbelievable evil that is taking place here is a very bright evidence of what the enemy does – he comes to steal, kill and destroy. And while he uses godless people to implement his intentions, there is a much more powerful and active army of God`s children who are here to overcome the world and bring love and hope. 

This is exactly what we are so grateful to experience. So many loving and caring people in the States lended a helping hand to Ukrainians. Standing with us in faith, covering us with their prayers and giving funds to fill our needs is helping us tremendously to overcome our circumstances.

My own family is one of those whose usual course of life was very much disterbed. We did not want and really couldn`t leave our country, but neither did we know how to keep on supporting our big family. Just trusted God who knew and obviously had a plan for us. And it is then that our American friends have contacted us and offered help. It was such a clear answer to us from God! So we express our heartfelt gratitude to Nathan and Rebecca Schlabach and «The Ark» church in NC for their love and generousity. 

Another person I really want to mention, is Jared Yoder. He is our main american partner, an amazing and tireless man with a big heart who is dedicated to filling the needs of people the best he can. In the last month and a half we started a project that would make it easier for people to help more Ukrainians who suffer the effects of war. Please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/llovedriven 

It was Jared who introduced his pastor Tony Lee Collins to our friend in Cherkassy area, a pastor and missionary who opened his home for 50+ refugees from a war zone. They quickly became friends and Tony is working on supporting Vitaly`s ministry and helping him to take care of people who ran for their lives. On behalf of Vitaly and his family I thank pastor Tony for being there for them. 

The other week my husband and I visited a family in our area who contacted our daughter asking for food. Their mother died 9 years ago and they live with their dad, aunt and grandparents. It has been a challenge for them to find jobs and have enough food for their 6 children. Right away, as soon as they heard about this situation, Gabriel and Hillarey Yoder sent money to buy food for these people. We did just that. It was a joy to see those children`s happy and thankful faces! «The Bridge Church of WNC», may the Lord bless you according to the riches of His grace. Your gift was very much appreciated. 

The area where we live is considered more on less safe to stay, so we have a lot of people coming here from more dangerous zones. Having left their homes and jobs behind, many find themselves in a very difficult position. A worker from the local administration office is preparing for us a list of people who need to be helped. After we have that list we want to meet everyone and see what we can do for them. We trust that God already has all the resourses needed. 

Last couple of days we`ve been working on connecting some young american volunteers who are here in Ukraine to our ministers so they could work together. Praise the Lord, things are working out, and today, Jeffrey Stoltzfus id driving all the way from Odessa to Lutsk to pick up humanitarian aid and take it to Cherkassy. After that he and a pastor from Cherkassy are heading to Kramatorsk, which is a war zone to evacuate people from there. It`s a great help to our Ukrainian ministers. Thank you, Jared, for helping to connect these people! By the way, Jeffrey is driving all these big distances along with his fiancee who also drives part of the way. We admire you, brave and faithful young people of God! 

I pray that all the good things we see happening now are only the beginning and many more blessings and changes in people`s lives will follow, testifying about goodness of our Heavenly Father.

If God is your partner, make your plans BIG – D. L. Moody