Be inspired by this profile in courage!

Enjoy and be inspired by this profile in courage: Roman and his family. We have been able to give him children’s packages for refugees. Here is Roman’s story, in his own words:

For almost 11 months we have been living in a state of real war right in our city. Both day and night an average of 50 shells fly into the city. The river separates our city from the occupied town of Energodar, which is only 5 miles away. From there, many different kinds of mortars and rockets are fired. We have a lot of destroyed houses. Both adults and children have been injured. People are panicking, many are leaving and many do not have funds to go. We were able to send some of our local children away, they are now safe. Those that are left are mothers with special care children, a few families with many children, and children in foster care.

God has called us as a family to serve during this difficult time in Ukraine.

When the war began we felt in our hearts to stay and go nowhere, to continue this good work here in Nikopol, in the midst of all the hostilities. Now we put together food packages for families with children, distribute bread, cereals, canned goods, feed people hot meals. We do everything we can.

Since the beginning of the war, we have distributed more than 88 tons of humanitarian aid.

We visit front line villages: Alekseevka, Kapulovka, Pokrovske. 120 families receive monthly food packages. During this whole period we brought in 9 tons of food parcels.12,000 loaves of bread were already distributed. Starting from November until now, we feed people twice a week around 2,080 people have been able to get a hot lunch and tea. About 1150 children received gift packages.

We also received 14 cubes of firewood for the social ministry of the church and for the personal use of the church members.

Basic Needs:

On a regular basis:

– Bread (twice a week 1200 loaves to give out)
– Cereals, pasta, canned goods (2 tons per week)
– Family food kits (600 packages)
– Meat, and meat products for making hot lunches (twice a week)
– Vegetables

Not on a regular basis:
– Medicine (painkillers, antiseptic, gloves, and sedatives)

Cooking/meal prep:
– Stainless kitchen table
– Large Skillet
– Stainless food containers
– Firewood

Prospective dream/need:
– Finances to furnish the kitchen and the church building.