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STIHL Chain Saw $350.00

**price includes delivery to recipient



Your gift will meet some of their basic needs.

Getting back to basics with alternative home heating.

Due to the unpredictability of the war and the widespread blackouts, Ukraine families are in need of more stable methods for home heat.

Our Chainsaw Program is a supplemental basic need provision that works in conjunction with heating homes with woodstoves. This program supplies the means to acquire wood for winter for those who can’t afford to purchase wood stockpiles from local suppliers.

  • Sold in Ukraine
  • Low Emissions and High Fuel-Efficiency
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Durable: built for commercial and residential use
  • Engine: 3.75 bhp
  • Powerhead Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Quickstop Chain Brake System
  • Anti-Vibration System

Place your order for a gift today!

  • You help people in need stay warm by supplying essential wood-cutting tools
  • You also help provide a means for people to make money by offering wood-cutting services to other families in need
  • And your order helps the local economy in Ukraine where the chainsaws are sold locally