Donate Thermal Underwear

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Thermal Underwear Set $16.00

**price includes delivery to recipient

(we recommend qty of 4, average Ukraine family size)


Your gift will meet some of their basic needs.

You can’t get more basic than providing thermal underwear.

Thermal clothing is the base layer designed specifically to trap body heat while keeping the wearer dry as it wicks sweat away. Wicking helps prevent a wearer from becoming soggy and freezing in the cold.

  • Fit: available in men, women and children’s sizes
  • Ultra-Soft Fleece: designed with quality material
  • Colors: tan, gray, and green
  • Made In Ukraine
  • Pull On Closure
  • Machine Washable

Place your order for a gift today!

  • You help people in need stay warm by bundling up
  • And your order helps the local economy in Ukraine