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MR UA Woodstove $750.00

**Price Includes:

  • delivery to recipient
  • Installation by trained professionals
  • firewood stockpile – approx 2 cords



Your gift will meet some of their basic needs.

Getting back to basics with alternative home heating.

Due to the unpredictability of the war and the widespread blackouts, Ukraine families are in need of more stable methods for home heat.

Our Woodstove Program provides an appliance to supply heat as well as a significant wood stockpile. This program coupled with our Chainsaw Program creates more self-sustainable home heating.

  • Made in Ukraine
  • other stuff

Place your order for a gift today!

  • You help people in need stay warm by supplying desperately needed heating appliances
  • And your order helps the local economy in Ukraine where the woodstoves are manufactureed and sold locally