Meet some front line heroes!

Our city was under fire for about 250 days. Many people in the city were killed, many wounded. Two ladies from our church were hurt from rockets hitting and destroying their homes. Thankfully they were not inside their houses when it happened so they are still alive.

There were times when they started shelling one of the neighborhoods when we were helping people there. Even though we were scared God gave us peace and confidence. God takes care of us. People were grateful and cried with happiness that we would help them even through an attack. It was an amazing feeling of God’s presence.

Periodically we take aid to the needy in Bereznevatoe and Visunsk in our region.

We also help in Kherson those who are in greater danger right now. Kherson is being shelled both day and night. But in spite of it all, the we are distributing aid to people’s homes, and supporting them in such a difficult situation.

We decided at the very beginning of the war we would go house to house and deliver aid. It is hard, but by God’s grace we are managing.


Our greatest difficulty is lack of transportation. Due to the fact that most of the aid we take to people’s homes, we have to hire a taxi to take it around the city and region. The city of Mykolaiv has long been on the front lines and there is practically no work in the city, for obvious reasons. Our the Sunday offerings cover only the most basic needs. But with God’s help, we find ways to continue on .

Currently there is only a small part of the people left in the church. There are many people in evacuation, some are abroad and some are in Western Ukraine. We send food parcels and humanitarian aid to those in Western Ukraine to support their families. People are very grateful.

I want you to know that you are doing this great work for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Pastor Vitaly Leonov. Sergei Drima
Evangelist in Odessa region