Fundraising for a truck!

In Ukraine there stands an old communist cooperative farm. Laden with old fruit trees no longer bearing their weight in fruit, yet perfect for firewood. Yuraslav and his family are entrepreneurs that live on this old farm working hard to give it a new life and story, and to support their family. Like everyone else in Ukraine, the war has affected this family. Yet they keep pulling up the old trees and turning them into firewood and then planting new trees for the future.

Yuraslav has loads of wood with no way to deliver it and United by His Love is in need of dry firewood to be delivered with each stove they are providing. This is where we need your help, friends. I would like to raise money to buy a truck that UBHL can trade to Yuraslav in exchange for $30,000 worth of firewood that will be delivered to homes in need all across Ukraine. That’s about 15 tractor trailer loads full of firewood! UBHL will assist in drawing up a contract for the trade and will also be involved in the planning and follow up on the deliveries. Help me raise the funds that will help keep Ukraine warm this winter.