New Year’s “greetings” from the Russian invaders. The reality of Ukrainian holidays.

As the New Year’s night quickly approaches, today I went to Kiev to visit my parents. After having some snack and tea, as we were visiting, a missile attack began all over Ukraine. Blast after blast – I have never heard such loud explosions since the beginning of war. The windows vibrated. It was scary. We got as far from the windows as we could. I looked up the news and it said that russians are firing several waves of cruise missiles, “wishing us a happy new year”.

Finally it got quiet and I went to look out of the 8th floor apartment window. For some time I couldn’t see a single person, just restless birds flying circles in the sky. So far, they said, 1 pearson killed and up to 10 – injured in Kiev. Finally, after a while of quiet, some people came out and my Dad urged me hurry home before next wave hits. So, I quickly walked to the subway station which was full of people and their animals sitting everywhere – on the steps and floor on folding chairs or rags they brought. Having snacks, reading or talking. Dogs barking and some children crying. But the train took me to where I needed to go and now I am sitting in a bus to my town waiting for it to leave. Still 8 hours to the year 2023, and I will make it home in time.

From the news I found out that one missile hit a hotel close to my parents’ house. The night before a suicide drone fell right beside (praise God) my brother’s apartment building. People had their windows blown out at every floor. My niece spent part of the day today in a shelter instead of cooking for the new year’s night. Someone was hurt and someone lost their life.

But I thank my wonderful Father for the peace in the hearts of His children. The darkness will not stand. It has already been conquered and lost. And while we’re here, we will keep worshiping Jesus and loving our neighbor.

Tanya Pronina