Happy Thanksgiving from the President of UBHL

Hello, world! I’m Jared Yoder, President of United by His Love.

I live in PA with my wonderful wife, Andrea, and our two sons. Our lives are full living here in the city ministering to youth, raising a family, running a business, and all the other things that come with being part of a family and community. It’s a good life we’ve been given and it compels us to keep giving to the ones around us.

My love for Ukraine began half a life time ago when I was a 13 year old boy living in Kyiv. Those years shaped me in so many ways and I began relationships that are still ongoing today. When the war in Ukraine began in February I did the most natural thing in the world for me – I reached out to my friends and loved ones in Ukraine and asked how they are and what they needed. That simple. And from that has grown United by His Love. When I first began connecting people across ministries and countries I didn’t realize it would grow into this collaboration that it has become. It’s humbling and inspiring!

When I’m not running my business or working for UBHL I enjoy taking by dog out on searches and being with my family and friends. And stuffing or dressing? It’s definitely… filling!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I am so grateful for your support.