Marinka – one of the many – is no longer

In the year 1941, as WW2 raged across Europe, into the small, peaceful Ukranian town of Marinka, marched the German army. Marinka would spend three brutal years under Nazi occupation. The Jewish citizens of the town would be locked up in a police station and then later marched to the cemetery and killed in a mass execution. But, the war would end and Marinka citizens would rebuild and recover.

In 2016 Marinka would once again face war when it was captured by Russian backed paramilitary and plunged into a battle, caught in a tug of war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine would prevail and peace would come again to Marinka, but not without the experience of regular shelling and loss of life.

Until 2022, Marinka remained a peaceful town with a population of 9,376. Then in late February the full scale invasion Urkaine began. Marinka was caught in the middle once more, the center of raging battles and incessant shelling. This time, however, there was no peaceful outcome. The Russian Federation completely destroyed the entire city of Marinka – Homes, schools, parks, churches were leveled.

Population: 0

Marinka is no longer.

And yet, this is only one of many towns that have suffered the same fate as a result of the invasion.