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Special Easter box for child

Help us bring joy this easter to children impacted by the war in Ukraine by sponsoring a special Easter box. A $25 donation will give a child a box and remind them that they are…

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Marinka – one of the many – is no longer

In the year 1941, as WW2 raged across Europe, into the small, peaceful Ukranian town of Marinka, marched the German army. Marinka would spend three brutal years under Nazi occupation. The Jewish citizens of the…

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As the front line in the east is moving..

As the front line in the east is moving deeper into Ukraine’s territory, our local partners from all over the country continue to preach, feed, clothe, repair, restore, and give warmth and hope to as…

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UBHL serves children

The Children’s Kit is a way to show love and care to a child who faces the realities of war daily. The UBHL boxes provide the most necessary things: food, clothing, simple toys, and school…

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Pastor Andrei’s testimony | UBHL

Please take time to listen to this powerful testimony from Pastor Andrey, ministering in Kharkiv, Ukraine. God and His Church are doing mighty things in Ukraine!

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