Pastor Vadim Gulenko

Pastor Vadim Gulenko and his wife Raisa have adopted 2 girls — Veronica (14) and Victoria (12). They use to live in Donetsk, where they had their own house, a business and served as elders in «The Word of Life» church. When Russia first occupied Donetsk back in 2014, they helped evacuate people from there. Later on they moved to Odessa and then to Kiev where they lived in a rented apartment with their parents. While living in Kiev, they served in rehabilitation center under «Emmanuel» church. One year later they moved to Cherkassy, then in 2018 they started a church there and named it «The Source of Life». To this day they are serving the Lord with the people in this church.
In February of 2022 Vadim became a volunteer and ever since then he evacuates refugees from eastern regions of Ukraine, hauls humanitarian aid to the hottest towns, like Kramatorsk, Chernigov, Orekhov, Nicolaev and other places. In Cherkassy, where they live, they provide spiritual, mental and physical aid to people, give out food, clothes, house supplies, and feed people. They are also hosting people who fled from Kramatorsk and Berdyansk. They live in a rented apartment with their children and parents.
Vadim is a very passionate servant of God who brings people a true and liberating Gospel message. In order for him to keep up with the huge ministry to which he is fully devoted, he needs financial support, so the needs of his own family could be met.