Setting a warm place for the little ones in Kherson region. Overcoming the works of the enemy.

Jenz Yoder, part of the UBHL, has spent the past week in a small village in the Kherson region setting up a place where children can gather together in warmth and safety. The town, whose name means “New Beginnings”, was occupied earlier this year. The house itself was used by the occupiers and many of the children he is serving have have seen their parents beaten and many other horrific things. The town has also been without power or water since August. But war can’t stop the Good News! He tells:

“50 kids crammed in a house formerly used for housing Russian soldiers. We shared the Christmas story and had a party. The one little boys parents were helping for the past 3 days and he never smiles. He has seen terrible things. We put up the Christmas lights and started the generator. He looks at it and has a big smile and says its beautiful. Broke my heart. Worth every minute of the tough week I’ve had.”

Pray for these little ones and for Jenz!