The challenges of Ukrainian churches today

Brother Vilaliy’s latest report on the challenges of Ukrainian churches today.

Peace to all who work in Christ’s field and contribute to the development of new churches in Ukraine.
I will tell a little about the situation with new churches during the war.
The church underwent a huge reform. Many churches opened their doors to outsiders (displaced people inside the country, people who changed their church as a result of the war, people who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, and those who are ready to believe under the pressure of external events).
Decisions in churches are now made quickly and we call this phenomenon “The Church in the realities of one day”. Budgets and services were rethought.
One of the painful issues that the church had to face was the change of personnel.
A) people left their churches while being involved in ministry (some left “quietly” without any notice and some did it officially)
B) people arrived (some to stay permanently, others temporarily)
C) people were forced to leave the church (due to conscription into the army, danger, family relocation, change of place of work)

D) volunteers who follow the Lord’s call

E) suspicious persons (fugitives, separatists, accomplices, panickers)
F) people from other unions and denominations (both with experience and those without)
All this contributed to renewing not only the vision of the church, but also the relationship between people and Christ within the church. Many young people ran away/fled, but many started helping. There were fewer children at the beginning of war, but now their number is increasing. The membership of the churches that continued their work and ministry during war conditions was changed and renewed.
There is an urgent need of having books in Ukrainian, especially the Holy Scriptures.
On one hand, the church responded to the needs of society (water, food, bomb shelters, medicines, psychological help, logistics, adoption programs, clothing, consultations, education, rehabilitation), on the other hand, the church should not lose itself as a CHURCH (with its direct tasks and mission). Our prayer now is for a timely response to the Lord’s will in each day. We are praying for:

  1. Families of ministers. Their provision and rest.
  2. For the adaptation of church services to challenges during the war.
  3. For new converts.
  4. For the sick and those who have lost their loved ones.
  5. For the ability to love people and not become aggressive.
  6. For the safety of church members and their property.
  7. For peace in the hearts and regions.
  8. For the desire to study the Word of the Lord and live according to it.
  9. For repentance of Ukraine as a country and nation from their sins.
  10. For the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the church.

With respect and prayers for you,
Vitaliy Yevtushenko, Cherkasy region +380672770133