The New Horizons ministry

Vitaliy Yevtushenko comes from a family of 11 children. His father, a hereditary minister, was the pastor of a church in Cherkasy for many years. Since the age of 14 Vitaliy joined the church life and actively helped in different ministries, and at the age of 23 he was ordained to the pastor ministry. He and his wife Oksana ministered to adults and youth in the church in Cherkassy, and at the same time served as missionaries in one of the villages where people were receiving the gospel through their work. Later Vitaliy became director of the Ukrainian branch of the Bible League, worked as a social chaplain and youth leader.

About 10 years ago, Vitaly’s family, along with his siblings’ families moved from Cherkassy to a desolate but picturesque village. There they set up their housing, started farming and invested in the development and restoration of the village. By fixing up abandoned houses in the neighborhood, Vitaly and Oksana created a small camp, where they can now host guests, hold meetings and conferences and serve people. Today Vitaliy and Oksana are raising four children, who actively help them with ministry and household chores.

Since the war began the family has already hosted hundreds of refugees, providing them with housing and shelter, as well as spiritual and moral support. The main focus of Vitaly’s ministry today is to support and assist the families of ministers who dedicate most of their lives to serving people, to evangelize to different groups of Ukrainians, including military, and to work on strengthening families as units of a happy society.

In this difficult time of war, as the cold season approaches, they expect a new wave of refugees flee form the areas where there is no electricity, gas and other vital utilities. So, they are putting their efforts in encreasing their ability to host and help more people. The doors of Vitaly and Oksana’s home are always open to those seeking physical, emotional or spiritual support. The love and wisdom of God find expression in the sincere service of this family

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