“The Source of Life” church and ministry

Vadim Gulenko and his family live and serve in the city of Cherkasy. He is married and has two daughters. When Russian occupants first entered Donbas in 2014, they were forced to leave everything and flee. After living in a few cities, they settled in Cherkasy, where they started a church. Now this church is growing rapidly and has a growing number of ministries. Vadim is a very passionate minister, who loves the Lord dearly and deeply and dedicates most of his time to spreading the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meeting people’s needs.

But this was not always the case. Since the age of 13 Vadim started using hard drugs. He was addicted for 15 years and was sentenced three times. The Lord found his family at a time when everything was ruined, when there was no hope for his relationship with his wife, and everything seemed to be over for them. But the Lord miraculously touched them, revived them, delivered him from his addiction, cleansed their memory, healed their souls, and gave them a future and a hope. A few years later they were able to adopt two little girls. Years passed, and today, the life and ministry of Vadim and his wife are an example and encouragement to many, as well as a powerful testimony to the life-giving power and goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Being refugees themselves, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Vadim’s family often comes into contact with people who have been displaced from their homes. Because the Lord has been teaching Vadim and his family since 2014 how to survive and adapt to a new life after being forced to leave their home, today they can help refugees very effectively, for they understand what they are going through, how they feel, what their fears and needs are. They bravely and faithfully deliver humanitarian aid to to the frontline and bordering occupied territories, evacuate people from war zones and care for refugees who come to their city, providing them with physical,spiritual and emotional aid.

Vadim thanks God for His faithfulness in all times and believes that through the events now taking place in Ukraine, the Church will be enriched by new connections, friendships, and partnerships that will remain even after the war is over. The war will end, and all the good that the Lord has given to the Body of Christ during this time will remain and will serve to save and heal both Ukrainians and Russians.

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