Share Warmth – The winter project

Done with your participation:

Thermal Underwear

3000 sets

A sewing factory in the Ukraine produces this underwear for us. By doing this we could employ Ukrainians and avoid having import issues. For 16.00 you could purchase a set of thermal underwear for a war victim. This not only buoght it but provides funding for delivery and general aid for victims.

Wood Stove Project

25 stoves

Since sometimes over 50% of the Ukraine was without power and natural gas heat was a major problem. For 740.00 we could purchase and install a wood stove.

Chainsaw Project

5 chainsaws

With the wood stoves we need wood. We are bought chainsaws whole villages share. A commercial chainsaw with extra parts is 365.00

Children’s kits

2300 boxes

Imagine that this is what your child received for Christmas: bread and an apple. For many children in Ukraine this may be all they get. We want to change that and remind the children that there is a Good Father that is watching over them! UBHL is working hard to fill children’s boxes with treats, warm clothes, school supplies, vitamins, and food!

We are grateful to everyone who supported this project in any way!