Thermal Underwear project

Another way we are Sharing the Warmth is by providing thermal underclothes to individuals across Ukraine. We are honored to partner with a factory on the Ukraine-Romania border making and packaging the sets, once again helping not only the individual but supporting the local economy as well. The factory has found a very efficient shipping company and is able to ship the packages directly to pastors all over Ukraine. The pastors and missionaries then distribute the thermal under clothes to the people in the towns and villages who are in need. Remember, so many of the homes are without heat. These thermal underclothes can make a big difference in keeping warm through the freezing temperatures. We have already been able to ship out 1,000 sets and plan to send 2,000 more in December. Your tax deductible gift of $16 will buy one person a set of thermal under clothes. Take a few minutes to look into the faces of the real people in Ukraine being blessed by UBHL and then go buy your sets here and impact even more souls: