Ukraine through the eyes of a newly arrived American volunteer

A new team of ULM volunteers has just arrived to their base in Dnipro. This is what one of them wrote in his report:

“…This week has consisted of going out with 3 vans and the whole team everyday, eating delicious Ukrainian food served with the best hospitality, seeings lots of military vehicles and so many sad faces. It breaks my heart to think of what these dear souls have been experiencing. So much trauma and fear, so much pain and heartache. And yet, to hear the testimonies of the those who are trusting God is just incredible! The peace and light shining from their faces are for real. It’s so sad that we can’t speak their mother tongue, but our hearts beat to the same rhythm and we still connect with each other.
Last night we stayed in Kramatorsk overnight and heard distant rumble and sirens etc. its hard to believe that such a beautiful country with its acres of wheat and sunflowers and peaceful countryside is actually being ripped apart and lives are forever being changed. God have mercy!”