Winter is here

Winter has come to Ukraine. Many Ukranians are saying they are thankful that so far it has been mild, and yet mild means that it is still slipping below freezing most nights and it will continue to get colder. The Kyiv region just had their first snow. The lack of electricity means there is a lot of cold people. Here at United by His Love we are working hard to deliver wood stoves to families in need. There are a few different organizations giving stoves to people but UBHL is not just giving away stoves. We are first curing them so no one has to deal with toxic fumes and then we are assembling kits that include every piece of hardware needed for installation, a stove pipe, instructions, and a truckload of dry firewood. Does that seem overboard to you? Many of these stoves are going to homes without a man present because most of the males between the ages of 18-45 are either considered essential workers or are enlisted. So that leaves a lot of elderly and women and children trying to maintain their lives. Imagine if it were your parents or your wife and children – even a load of dry would would make such a big difference. Just this week our first stove was delivered to a church that will serve as a warming center for its village.

UBHL is also committed to working with manufacturing plants in Ukraine so that every one of our stoves are proudly made in Ukraine and supporting their economy.

Since the strikes on Ukraine earlier this week it’s reported that 10 million people are without power. And there’s snow on the ground in many places and freezing temperatures. We need your help! With a donation of $750 you can provide one family with a stove. But listen, friends. What if only one family or one church has consistent heat? That means they will share it with their neighbors. One stove can impact an entire neighborhood or village. Share the Warmth!